Equipped with your smartphone, and thanks to 29 QR codes dotted along the length of the path providing access to 29 audio tracks, you can discover how the Rolampont tufière functions. An officer from the Office National des Forêts (National Forest Office) explains how the forests are managed and tells you a bit about its great flora and fauna. You can relive the history of the Gallo-Roman mausoleum of Faverolles. You will also hear about the legends and traditions in Faverolles and the surrounding area, and you will get to know the landscapes around you during the lecture.
Your smartphone will guide you through one of the most interesting hiking circuits in the Pays de Langres, during which you will learn a great deal.

We also have a smartphone mobile site available, where you can find all the audio tracks as well as practical information, such as opening times of the archaeological workshop of Faverolles, a link to the weather forecast, maps showing picnic areas and carparks, downloadable pdfs, not to mention the test details according to the operators.
In practice: QR code/ Flashcode - How does it work?
1-Download and install mobiletag, lynkee...
2- Open the application and snap the QR code with the camera on your smartphone.
3 - The QR code is recognised and will automatically direct you to the web content (Mobile site, audio tracks, video...)

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Distance totale : 12.06 km
Altitude minimum : 336 m
Altitude maximum : 448 m
Altitude moyenne : 388 m
Denivelé positif cumulé : 285 m
Denivelé négatif cumulé : 285 m
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