Circuit de randonnee au départ de Charmes (extrait)Mention obligatoire pour toute utilisation : ©
Lac de Charmes : depuis la digueMention obligatoire pour toute utilisation : © Jean-François Feutriez
Lac de Charmes : à ChangeyMention obligatoire pour toute utilisation : © Jean-François Feutriez
Lac de Charmes : en automneMention obligatoire pour toute utilisation : © Jean-François Feutriez
Vue aérienne : Charmes et son lacMention obligatoire pour toute utilisation : © Jean-François Feutriez
Lac de Charmes : la plageMention obligatoire pour toute utilisation : © Angélique Roze
Lac de CharmesMention obligatoire pour toute utilisation : © Jean-François Feutriez

This circuit invites you to walk on the banks of the lake where you will almost certainly see numerous birds that have come to this preserved space.
The Lac de Charmes covers a vast area of almost 197 hectares with a maximum span of 5 kilometres. Although it is divided into 3 basins, you will only walk around the west basin, which is used for nature tourism and nautical sports. The middle basin is reserved exclusively for fishing and is the 3rd in the natural protected zone. The earth embankment that you will be walking on is 362 metres long and 17 metres high; it was completed in 1906. To brighten up your hike, you could always have a swim there (supervised swimming in July and August) or take a boat trip around the lake in a pedal boat or a canoe from the lake's nautical centre. You should also take into account that it is famous for fishing; catching zander, pike, carp and even catfish absolutely delights fishing experts.

Tracking game available on the Id-Vizit application:

The Pirates of Charmes Lake

Ideal for keeping your children occupied during a walk, the pirates of Charmes lake offer them the opportunity to explore the lake, its birds, its fish ... on the theme of the rites and beliefs of pirates. In the form of quizzes, puzzles or geolocated stages, your children will be in front of you to answer the questions. Will you be able to follow them?
... ... to find out more

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Distance totale : 5.48 km
Altitude minimum : 340 m
Altitude maximum : 361 m
Altitude moyenne : 355 m
Denivelé positif cumulé : 100 m
Denivelé négatif cumulé : 94 m
Activités sur place
  • For walkers
  • Forbidden to horse - riders
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