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And why not extend your discovery of the Tuffière de Rolampont by its marshland! As the tuffière is forbidden to mountain biking and horse riding on the site, a bypass route allows you to maintain the route to Faverolles for both disciplines. It is this path that we suggest you take to retrace your steps. In total, this loop in the loop is only 4 km long (instead of the 11 kms of the hiking circuit). Ideal for your children, you will cross the site of the tufière and landscapes mixing monumental rocks, river and forest.

Tracking game available on the Id-Vizit application:

The little world of the tuffière and its forest

Ideal for keeping your children occupied during a walk, the little world of the tuffière offers them the opportunity to discover the tuffière site, the tuff marsh and the animals of the forest... accompanied by Tufi the squirrel and his friends. In the form of quizzes, puzzles or geolocated stages, your children will be in front of you to answer the questions. Will you be able to follow them?
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Distance totale : 4.16 km
Altitude minimum : 339 m
Altitude maximum : 385 m
Altitude moyenne : 361 m
Denivelé positif cumulé : 127 m
Denivelé négatif cumulé : 127 m
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