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Located 6 miles east of Langres, lake La Mouche covers an area of 96 ha maximum (8 000 000 m3), 70 ha on June 30 and about 55 ha to 30 September. Sized tank in the second category of public domain, it has 8.1 km of shoreline and a maximum depth : 22 m

Lake La Mouche is fed by two rivers of the first class. The fisherman will find two boat ramps accessible water east along the 286 road that runs along the lake over half of the reservoir banks.

Records of Lake La Mouche :
Carp : 33 pounds to 89 cm
Pike : 36 pounds for 131 cm
Perch : 55 cm
Tench : 6 pounds

Ships : boat traffic combustion engine is prohibited on the entire lake. Boats with electric motors are allowed. Traffic permits and mooring must be requested from the Navigation Services (VNF), Subdivision DDE, LONGEAU 52250.

Circulation : Access to the banks of the lake is forbidden to all motorized vehicles, except for making the boat launching ramps on both provided for this purpose.

Regulations : carp fishing at night is prohibited outside areas and opening times. Any breach of this regulation will be a report. The trolling is prohibited

Coast (from the Prefectural Order) : Reminded that fishing in lakes feeding canal between Champagne and Burgundy, in the case of lowering the water level is regulated as follows :
Tank Lake La Mouche :
Coast water level below 348.45 : the fishing ban is absolute.
Coast water level between 351.25 and 348.45 : fishing is authorized by a single line edge only.

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