Maison des Lumières Denis Diderot à LangresMention obligatoire pour toute utilisation : © BasaltArchitecture, photographe Daniel Moulinet

Created in 2011 and recently renamed, Autour des Rencontres Philosophiques de Langres (ARPL) is a festival coordinated by the City of Langres and the new association "Autour des Rencontres Philosophiques de Langres", which has taken over from the Forum Diderot-Langres.
Around the date of October 5, anniversary of the birth of Denis Diderot in Langres in 1713, ARPL offers a rich cultural program, open, festive and accessible to all in Langres but also in Vaillant, Chaumont, Châteauvillain and Saints-Geosmes. From September 30 to October 9, 2022, there will be a succession of shows, exhibitions, tours, films, conferences, a philosophy bookstore, and a tea party/philosophy workshop on the theme of "work".
The Langres Philosophical Encounters are part of the National Training Plan of the Ministry of National Education and Youth for teachers and inspectors of philosophy. From Thursday, October 6 to Saturday, October 8, 2022, ten conferences and five seminars are planned; the conferences are open to all.

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