Circuit en vélo de la Coulange au BadinMention obligatoire pour toute utilisation : ©
Vignoble du Muid MontsaugeonnaisMention obligatoire pour toute utilisation : © Gérard Féron
Maison du houblon à Rivières-les-FossesMention obligatoire pour toute utilisation : © Angélique Roze
Eglise Saint-Mammès à Rivière-les-FossesMention obligatoire pour toute utilisation : © Jean-François Feutriez
Fontaine Saint-Eloi à ChatoillenotMention obligatoire pour toute utilisation : © Jean-François Feutriez
Lavoir de LeucheyMention obligatoire pour toute utilisation : © Jean-François Feutriez
Eglise Saint-Symphorien d'AubignyMention obligatoire pour toute utilisation : © Jean-François Feutriez

Not only is it in a strategic position at the foot of the Langres plateau and close to Bourgogne and Franche-Comté, but Montsaugeonnais is a place that is bursting with history. Its castles and strongholds, dating from the Middle Ages, reflect this troubled history. Montsaugeonnais also inherited the quality of its vineyards from Bourgogne, which you can discover at the end of your walk in the Muid Montsaugeonnais tasting cellar or in the Vaux-sous-Aubigny restaurant.
First, you need to take the route of the Vallée de la Coulange and pass through the village of Couzon-sur Coulange. At Rivière-les-Fosses, the Maison du Houblon (hops) will help you to discover the culture of this plant, its production, its flavours, the expertise, as well as the tools used and the lives of the last planters. You will then take the Val d'Esnoms where the houses have kept their typical appearance, which is dominated by stone in a similar way to Esnoms-au-Val or Leuchey. From there, a magnificent view stretches over the valley that you have to descend to reach Courcelles-Val-d'Esnoms.
Your next stop, after having passed the Badin, will be Chatoillenot. Don't hesitate to stroll down the narrow streets or under the vaults. While you're here, take the opportunity to take a refreshing stop at the Saint Eloi fountain where your children will be able to get their feet wet. If you continue on this route, you will arrive at Aubigny. Here, the Bourgogne architecture is marked with the stamp of the village church. This church is both sturdy and robust; the stone dominates right up to the roof. This church, which is one of the most remarkable, dates back to the 18th century. It is definitely worth a little detour before going back to Vaux-sous-Aubigny.

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Distance totale : 29.94 km
Altitude minimum : 278 m
Altitude maximum : 478 m
Altitude moyenne : 354 m
Denivelé positif cumulé : 485 m
Denivelé négatif cumulé : 485 m
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