Balade guidée en canoë sur le lac de CharmesMention obligatoire pour toute utilisation : © Jean-François Feutriez

Observe the environment of the lakes and embankments and the diversity of the flora and fauna with family or friends, comfortably seated in unsinkable canoes, or during a walk. Ideal for a works council, association or club meeting…
Emmanuel Drouot (BP JEPS guide) offers you a guided discovery outing in an aquatic environment. The trip covers:
-the history of the canal between Champagne and Bourgogne and the lakes and reservoirs,
- the fauna (fish, birds, shellfish, small aquatic creatures…) and the aquatic vegetation,
the physical chemical aspect of water with the impact of human activities on the environment, along with many anecdotes and enjoyable stories!

Material: stable, unsinkable canoes, ideal for a family outing, they are equipped with backs and a waterproof container.
Booking necessary from:
Base Nautique du lac de Charmes
16, rue des Acacias
Tel: 06 20 98 63 59

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